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Kilts For Men

Kilts For Men

Where to begin, what kilt to pick, what plaid you should choose, about kilts for men, that's only the tip of the iceberg. If you have an inquiry concerning the kilt purchasing measure, we're here to help you consistently. Try not to be overpowered, "simply continue perusing, simply continue to peruse."

Picking the Style of Kilt for You

Let us start by sorting out what style kilt you need. Where would you like to wear your skirt? Renaissance celebrations, Highland games, formal suppers, your wedding, or would you simply want to wear a kilt at any place and or any time? Knowing when you intend to wear your skirt the most will help you choose what style and value range you need to shop in.

Kilts for Reenactments and Renaissance Fairs

Incredible kilts, Ancient kilts, and Phillabegs are extraordinary for reenactments and renaissance fairs. These kilts for men  will give you a more chronicled look and feel.

Incredible KILT

The incredible kilt traces back to, at any rate the sixteenth century, and it's the most conventional and conspicuous type of the kilt for Renaissance Festivals or other reenactment occasions. 

The previously known reference to this method of the dress was made in 1594. At that point, looms were simply ready to weave texture up to around 30 inches wide. 

To make a great kilt, 9 yards of plaid would be sliced down the middle, leaving you with two pieces around 30 inches wide and 4 ½ yards long each. 

The two parts would then be sewn together, one next to the other, making the completed incredible kilt around 60 inches wide and 4 ½ yards long. 

This is the place where the adage "all the way" begins. Generally, you crease the kilt each time you wear it, and the lone thing that holds it together is your belt. 

Through the headway of present-day innovation, we've sorted out some way to alleviate the problem by creating Cheater Pleats™! Be that as it may, we'll talk more about those shortly.

Antiquated KILT

These are similar style kilts worn in the film "Braveheart"! Who doesn't adore that film? Contingent on who you converse with, they might be "precisely" verifiably exact, yet look stunning in any case.

Our antiquated kilts are the ideal right country clothing for Renaissance celebrations and other reenactment occasions since it is a lot cooler and more down-to-earth than an incredible skirt for warm climate wear. 

However, the old kilt is essentially a Phillabeg with an additional 2-3 yards of plaid connected. The different plaid is worn as a scarf or a fly plaid when the kilt is creased, giving the implication of an extraordinary skirt without the additional mass over the belt.


The little kilt, or phillabeg (Gaelic "ceilidh-beag), is a primary archetype of the current skirt. In contrast to an advanced kilt, it's anything but a customized article of clothing. 

It is a length of plaid about 25inches wide and 4-6 yds long, inexactly clustered or creased, and held at the midsection with a belt. 

It is worn to about the center of the knee, much the same as some other kilt. Something that makes a phillabeg particular is that it has a couple of plaid creeps fluttering over the belt.

 This fold-over helps keep the belt set up — without it, the kilt may slip free from the belt, leaving you remaining in your skivvies (or more regrettable!).

Kilts For Weddings, Formal Dinners, Cruises, and Family Heirlooms

The best in class kilts made in Scotland from premium fleece plaids. 9-yard Formal skirts and 5-yard formal kilts will make them look your closest to perfect! 

These kilts are top quality and are extraordinary for the lucky man or going to a wedding. Formal suppers require your best dressed you, and that is the point at which you'll need one of these in your storeroom! 

Likewise, our dependable Good Basic Kilt, made with 4-5 yards of plaid, makes it in the running with the proper kilts.

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