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6 Best Self-hosted Email Marketing Platforms

6 Best Self-hosted Email Marketing Platforms

To reach out to maximum potential customers, the owners of many business organizations and websites nowadays are choosing email newsletters over other applications. But the main question which arises is How to communicate with your customers?

Out of many marketing platforms that send emails to other users, many platforms give away free emails limited to up to 2000 users a month. In case one wants to send more, then extra cost will be charged against it. Let’s explore them.

Managing marketing email solutions are always expensive. To avoid these expenses, one can use the below self-hosted email software, saving you some extras. When we come across the word self-hosting, it suggests that one needs to host the email platform by himself on his server. They will be provided with software that can easily be installed in VPS or cloud VM. Still If you have the requirement of bulk email you can go to a SMTP Server Provider.

This software provides you with a set of guidelines following which a person gets the software and his self-hosted email platform ready in less than an hour. So, installing such software is never difficult. Nowadays, many organizations are choosing self-hosted services because they are certainly the best choice for saving thousands of dollars.

Let’s explore them…


To send a bulk email, one of the most popular solutions is Sendy. It gives a platform to send emails at a meager cost. It uses Amazon SES to send an email, and it has built-in PHP and MySQL. It is so cheap that it only charges around $1 for every 10000 emails. Paying $59 will fetch you all the latest and future updates and support from their technical team.


It provides you with several features, which include Auto-responder, Reporting, Campaign builder, Complaints, Unsubscribe, Statistical Graph Automatic Bounce Handling, etc.

• Sendy also provides us with creating individual accounts for their clients, which lets them see what is required instead of displaying all the lists online.

• If a particular email does not exist, sendy will filter it off and clear it from the list for the future.

For using the latest version of Sendy, that is Sendy 4, the ones who are already a customer of Sendy can do that by just paying $29.


Available today is MailWizz is a complete self-hosted email marketing field. It can work in any web hosting account as it is a database using MySQL and is hence written in modern PHP. Both beginners, as well as experts, can use this software easily. MailWizz makes email marketing easily accessible to everyone.


• In a single install, we can add as many accounts as we want.

• Detailed reports about your campaigns are accessible, and we can share them with anyone.

• Send your emails with any SMTP server or a well-known solution such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PepiPost, ElasticEmail, etc.

• You can import your subscribers from CSV, text, or external database

• You can create many custom fields as per your need for your subscribers.


Another newsletter application and mail listing app, Mailtrain. It is under GPL v3 license, which is considered above Nodemailer, Node.js, and MySQL.


• Mail addresses of your subscribers can be added manually or can even be imported from CSV.

• Various tools like custom fields through merge tags using text fields, numbers, dropdowns, and checkboxes.

• Emails can be sent to specific subscribers that match our segmentation rules predefined by filtering the subscriber list.

• For actions such as unsubscribing from the list, the software allows you to create landing pages.


A feature-rich-self-hosted e-newsletter is NeuvoMailer. It is an email list management system. It works in correspondence with an autoresponder software. While paying the one-time license fee, one can access all the features of NeuvoMailer. It is primarily used for small and medium-sized enterprises and is a cost-effective tool.


• Unlimited subscribers and mailing lists can be managed using the software.

• You can remove subscribers if found inactive and dormant.

• This software supports single and recurring email campaigns, drip campaigns, and triggers

• Landing pages can be created to deal with specific actions; you can build a form, and using charts and real-time reports, one can track their progress.

• NuevoMailer is easy to use and learn.


With no limit in campaigns and subscribers, MoonMail also provides a platform to send email marketing newsletters.


• Attractive templates for email can be created using the built-in Bee Editor Plugin and template library.

• It also provides a platform for live chatting, which now includes ten different languages.

• Invalid email addresses can easily be found using the email validation tool in your list.


Another excellent platform is Mautic which supports both flavours – self-hosted and cloud-based. To follow the required setup guide for the configuration, you can download the self-hosted version from Mautic.org.


• The software is open-source and hence has an active community.

• The software possesses minimum server requirements, and it is effortless to install.

• The software allows you to create contacts and segment them.

• The software helps to create landing pages along with forms and email campaigns.

• New features are constantly introduced and enhanced since this software supports open-source.

Mautic is FREE.


The above article will give you solutions, help you build your email marketing newsletter, and save you some extras. Cost-effective platforms can also be tried then you are not confident enough to manage self-hosted platforms.

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