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How to Write Cheques or Checks for Company in sage 50

How to Write Cheques or Checks for Company in sage 50

Sage 50 is the advanced accounting software that lets you manage the accounting tasks for your small and medium sized businesses very efficiently. It offers smart features that will give you seamless experience in the field of accounting.Sage 50 use client/organization data to provide different features like, automating some basic business operations,optimizing business operation, data insights for a better-quality business decision,online bills, report creation, monitoring cash flow in company, inventory, and numerous extra features. In this article, we will learn “How to write checks for company by using sage 50”. You can easily write checks in sage 50 as well as you can apply the amount to one or more accounts easily.

Steps for Writing Checks for Company in Sage 50

Writing checks for company is a very simplistic tasks in Sage 50. For this, you need to follow given below instructions.

1. Initially, you need to navigate to the menu bar. Then choose “Tasks”.

2. Next, you have to click on the write checks option.

3. After that input the vendor I into the Vendor Id field.

Note: - In order to pay a vendor without an Id then leave the vendor ID field blanks and input vender’s name into the “pay to the order of” field

4. Next, you need to input the details of vendor’s address.

5. If you want to point the check then leave the “check number field blank an if you don’t want to print the check then input the check no.

6. In case you want to send the payment digitally then choose the “electronic payment” option

7. After that input the date of check creation into the Date field.

8. Now input the amount into the “Dollars” field

9. Use the “cash account” field for selecting the account number from which the check draws its funds.

10. Use the “Expense account” field for selecting the account number which you will attribute the payment.

11. If you want to attribute the total amount to multiple accounts then you can do this by using Split > Split transaction option

12. For memo go to the “memo” field.

13. Once done, click on the save button.

14. Now in order to print a check tap on the “print” option > print form: Disbursement checks”

15. From “First check number” field, input the first check number go print the check.

16. For selecting a different check form to use, press the “select from” option > ok

Note: You can choose what to replace the Item Id with from the “replace Item Id “by using the drop-down.

17. Finally click on the print option.

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