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7 Signs Indicate That the Tree Is About to Fall

7 Signs Indicate That the Tree Is About to Fall

Usually, heavy wind, storms, hailstorms are the reason for tree falling. Various other conditions are responsible for the falling of a tree in your yard. If the tree falls on the house, then it leads to huge damage to property. Sometimes, it also leads to loss of life.

Luckily, various signs tell us that you should remove the tree immediately before it falls on your property. We recommend you take the help of renowned arborists such as Sydney tree removal contractors to remove affected trees from your yard.

Here, we have listed various points that will help to examine whether a tree is about to fall or not.

1. Hole Inside the Trunk

A hole or cavity in a trunk formed due to various reasons. One of the biggest reasons is inappropriately cutting and dropping of a branch. Inappropriate pruning can lead to tree decay.

But this cavity does not always pose danger and makes a tree fall. If there is healthy wood around the tree, then the tree will not fall. But a big hole inside the trunk without supporting sound wood will make your tree fall.

2. Missing Bark

The region of a tree where tree bark is missing or a deep cut is formed over the tree is known as a canker. The canker affects the structural integrity of the tree and it makes the tree break from the affected region. The canker will make the tree fall even if the wood appears in good condition.

The deep cracks in the trees affect the tree balance, therefore, these cracks are considered bad signs for the tree. If you observe a missing ark or deep in your tree, then you should immediately call a tree specialist.

3. Falling Tree Branches

If you observe that tree starts shedding bits of branches or whole branches, then it indicates that your tree is not in good condition. According to the experts, when trees fall short of water supply and nutrients, then trees start keeping themselves small. Some branches of trees start dying because of the lack of nutrients.

The dead branches can fall anytime and risk your life and property as well. If you observe dead branches on your tree, then you should not delay and immediately take the help of the renowned tree service provider.

4. Leaning Tree Trunk

The leaning tree trunk indicates that this tree can fall anytime. If this tree is in the surrounding of your house, then never take the risk. Take the help of the experienced tree service provider and remove this tree from your yard. The tree service provider will examine your tree appropriately.

If a tree is leaning more than 15 degrees, then it should be removed. Otherwise, wind or root will make this tree fall immediately. But if a tree that is titled naturally does not pose a high risk.

5. Losing Leaves in Specific Pattern

If a tree starts shedding leaves in a specific pattern i.e. from outside in, then it indicates that there is something wrong with the roots of the tree. The roots of the tree play an important role in supplying required nutrients and water to different parts of the tree, if roots fail to deliver appropriate water and nutrients, then the tree starts behaving differently. You should find out the problem with a tree root and make sure that the tree roots are healthy.

6. Rotten Roots

It is very difficult to determine the rotten roots. There are some tricks to figure out that there is some kind of problem with the roots of the trees. If you observe mushrooms growing around the tree or fungus growing on the tree trunk, then it indicates a problem with the roots of the tree.

But you should start digging up to observe the condition of roots. It is better to call an experienced contractor who can examine the tree roots and suggest ways to tackle this situation.

7. Tight Growth of Branches

If tree branches are growing very close to each other in V shape, then it indicated something bad with your tree. According to the tree expert, the tree with U shaped branches indicates a strong union. This problem can be easily figured out during the winter season when a tree falls on all the leaves. The tree with closely grown branches tends to fall easily.

Final Words:

You should keep your eye on trees in your yard so that you can determine the tree problems in advance. It will prevent your property and family members from falling trees. We have discussed some signs of an affected tree or the tree that may fall. You should check trees in your yard and if you observe any of the signs listed above, then call an arborist.

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