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How Magento is Transforming the eCommerce Platform?

How Magento is Transforming the eCommerce Platform?

The eCommerce landscape is changing, modifying, and growing at a rapid rate. A great example is the year 2020 when it was witnessed the massive revenue generation of $25.75 billion. And, experts predicted that by 2040, 95% of the product purchase will be made through eCommerce platforms. It shows a rising opportunity for retailers to scale up their online business to the next level and traditional retailers to start investing in online selling models.

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that is overtaking the retail landscape like wildfire. At present, more than 12% of eCommerce websites run on Magento. Over 250,000 merchants have their stores on the Magento platform including big names like HP, Nike, Ford, Sigma Beauty, Liverpool, Landrover, and more. And, the numbers are likely to rise in coming years.

Why Magento Platform for eCommerce Portal Development?

Now, the question arises why Magento is the best platform to start or migrate your retail business? Well, the answer lies in the popularity and acceptance of Magento, which is already mentioned above. Next is to look at the incredible features and benefits to start a new online sales platform or migrating your existing one to Magento.

Top Benefits of Magento to Make eCommerce Businesses Successful

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is accessible by large, medium, and small retail enterprises. It offers robust security, advanced functionalities, easy customization, and a wide developer’s community support to build a successful and profit-driven website. After having a decade long of tremendous success, a new version, Magento 2 is available for retailers to migrate the platform into something strong and versatile.

1. Easy to Customize

Customization is not a hassle with Magento. Since it is an open-source platform, you can customize the features, themes, designs, and internal functionalities the way you like. In fact, Magento comes packed with several design themes that can be customized as per business requirements at any point in time. Also, Magento offers free to integrate plugins for online payments, SEO, accounting, shipping, logistic, and other.

2. Search-Engine Friendly

Organic traffic is the lifeline of an eCommerce platform. Not all retailers can afford the online paid advertising model. So, there has to be flexibility in doing organic marketing to increase web page traffic. Concerning this, Magento is an apt choice for you. SEO functionality offers the advantage to create custom URLs, meta tags, content, and marketing material. The platform also offers mobile-responsive design elements meeting the requirements of different screens.

3. Scalable

Complete scalability is one of the profound advantages of the Magento store. You never know at what time you have to migrate your existing store to Magento 1 or Magento 2. There will be no hassle of data migration because Magento offers the scalability of keeping your data intact. No matter, if you have hundreds of product information to migrate, the Magento platform stores all the information flexibly.

4. Easy Integration

Sale is an important factor of an eCommerce website. You can do the very least to enhance the pattern of sales and increase ROI on the Magento platform. The reason behind this is easy to integrate third-party tools. The platform allows you to integrate your website with multiple extensions to enhance payment security, processing, shipping, logistics, order tracking, and other functionalities. Magento offers the flexibility to add any of the available tools to enhance your eCommerce operations to a great extent. Additionally, you can also add the virtues of Google Analytics and Checkout.

Features of Magento eCommerce Website

The best features of the Magento platform cannot be overlooked. Rather, it is better to go through them and see how you can get more sales, increased web traffic, and enhanced the brand’s identity through Magento.

1. Fast Loading Time

Magento offers reindexing feature to transform the data of products and categories and further improves the store performance. It helps to transform the eCommerce data like catalog, users, price, and number of stores quickly and efficiently. This will decrease the cart abandonment rate, even if you have millions of page views every single hour.

2. Easy to Access Admin Interface

The highly responsive interface of the Magento platform offers the flexibility of multi-users, the option to add default videos from various channels, and more. It ensures seamless operation without following too many steps.

3. Improved Customer Experience

Magento platform offers robust functionalities to increase customer retention rate, lower the cart abandoned ratio, fast checkout, and quick registration on the website. It further reduces any order errors and mistakes to enhance the overall customer buying experience.

Bottom Line

The online retail market is experiencing fierce competition from multiple sides with having several eCommerce players operating simultaneously. Beat the competition with an optimized Magento eCommerce portal having robust features and functionalities. Magento’s incredible growth and popularity are the reasons for its widespread acceptance. Having said that, you can get the assistance of a reliable Magento eCommerce development company to start your store on a profitable note. 

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