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Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website - Top 7 Amazing Examples

Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website - Top 7 Amazing Examples

Facebook is amongst one of the most oldest and highly leveraged social media platforms in the world used by millions of daily active users.

Multiple brands and businesses are using the platform by embed Facebook feed on their website to increase their brand awareness, engagement and to improve their presence and visibility.

However, Facebook does not provide any further customization options to the users and allows the users to embed a limited of feeds.

What Is Facebook Feed?

A Facebook feed can be referred to as the content that we see when we log into the Facebook accounts. The Facebook feed can be in anything, be it in the form of images, videos, texts, gifs, etc.

The content which we see when we log into our accounts is the content produced by the people we are following and is generally in reverse chronological order.

To give you more clarity, the posts which have been created recently will be displayed on the top and the content below is the one which has been uploaded a while ago.

Similarly, the posts and content created by you and published by your profile can be visible to your followers.

Top 7 Examples Of Embedding Facebook Feed On The Website

Now that you are well acquainted with Facebook and the basic definition of Facebook feed, let us move further and delve into the top 7 examples of embedding Facebook feed into your website.

1. Displaying Facebook Feeds On The Website In The Form Of Photos

You can drastically increase engagement with your visitors on your website by embedding Facebook feeds as photos. Since stunning visuals and bright pictures grab 10 times more attention than regular texts, utilizing photos is a great way to enhance the attention and to increase the dwell time of your visitors on your website.

Using an appropriate tool or plugin, the photos can automatically get updated on the website as you upload them to your Facebook account.

2. Integrating Facebook Feeds On The Website In The Form Of Videos

Since videos are much more engaging and visually appealing than any other way, it drastically improves engagement on the website. Imagine a visitor on your website and the first thing they see are amazing videos embedded. It would instantly grab their attention since it is quite known that videos get more than 50% of engagement than videos and texts combined.

Videos are much more descriptive and detailed in nature and explain what the brand stands for in a much more creative and innovative way hence leading to more overall interest in the audiences.

3. Add Facebook Feeds On The Website In The Form Of Album

Since you already know the significance of embedding photos in your website, to make the website and photos more organized and well put together, you can add an album too in the website as a part of the Facebook feed.

Additionally, you can add more interest to your website visitors by creating an album related to a specific area eg.- an album showcasing step by step process of creating a new product or the pictures of your product launch in an album.

Depending on the sector in which your brand falls, you can create an album in accordance and display it on your website.

4. Embed Facebook Feed In The Form Of Posts

This is an amazing way if you are using your Facebook page to promote your business. You can leverage this point to add your blog posts that can easily be spotted by your visitors when they are about to leave the website.

This way you can promote your blogs on both the channels and increase the visibility of your blog posts on your website as well as your Facebook page.

5. Incorporate Facebook Feed In The Form Of Reviews

If you are looking for a perfect way to build a solid social proof of your brand then displaying your Facebook reviews is the best way to drastically increase the engagement of your users on your website.

Since Reviews are User-Generated Content, they have the potential to convert your random website visitors into regular customers. Reviews can easily generate interest in your audiences and make them explore your website more resulting in the increased dwell time of your visitors.

6. Display Facebook Feed In The Form Of Sidebar Widget

You can target your visitors and garner their maximum interest by embedding Facebook feed in the form of a sidebar widget. You can seamlessly embed the widget on every page of your website leading to an overall increase in their interest.

It is the most ideal way to display real-time updates about activities on Facebook like an ongoing deal or promotional content. This enables you to target your already targeted audience and build their interest even more as they continue exploring your website.

7. Add Facebook Feed In The Form Of Slideshow

We have incorporated this point because embedding Facebook feed in the form of a slideshow makes the overall look of the website quite attractive. To entice your audience, even more, you can incorporate this layout type.

A slideshow will compel your visitors to check out your posts and build the much-required curiosity in them. Moreover, it is not necessary that everyone would be attracted to the sidebar widget. Hence, we have provided you with two layout options to increase your reach.

Summing It Up

Embedding Facebook feeds on your website is surely a great way to garner more attention and engagement from your audience.

However, similarly embedding your feeds can make the overall look of your website boring and monotonous. Try leveraging the examples given above and your brand will most definitely be multiple steps closer to success! 

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