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7 Benefits of running your own Windows Reseller Hosting Business

7 Benefits of running your own Windows Reseller Hosting Business


Today almost all businesses require an online identity to establish trust among their customers. If your business still doesn't have a website, it means you will lose all your customers sooner or later.

This new trend of getting businesses online paved the way for the web hosting market to take the lead and make good money in the market. Well, due to high competition, only a few large companies are dealing in web hosting business, but they have recently added the term "Reseller hosting" to help start-ups and small companies to capture a large market along with them.

To serve the needs of web developers as well as non-technicians, the web hosting companies further divided the Reseller hosting into 2 sub-parts - i.e., Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.

This article will further discuss Windows Reseller Hosting, how it is beneficial for windows hosting resellers, and the best windows hosting reseller in India.

What is Windows Reseller Hosting?

Windows Reseller Hosting refers to the hosting where clients open a reseller account with a parent company to purchase hosting resources in bulk. Here hosting resources include Bandwidth, CPU, RAM, storage, etc. The Resellers then sub-package their raw plan under their own brand name and re-sell them at a good profit to their end customers. The technology used at the base of the server is windows; that is why it is called Windows Reseller Hosting.

Features of Windows Reseller Hosting

Fully Managed Accounts: Here, the Reseller need not to manage a server or any of its technicalities as the whole thing will be handled by the parent company only.

Plesk Control Panel: With the help of plesk control, you can easily create new reseller accounts, websites, email accounts as well as DNS entries via a web-based interface.

Unlimited FTP accounts: FTP accounts are used to transfer files between the server and the clients. Therefore, you can quickly transfer all your client's files to the server with access to unlimited FTP accounts.

Unlimited Domains and subdomains: With a Reseller Windows Hosting account, you can easily host multiple domains and subdomains on a single Cpanel account.

Web Host Manager: Web host manager, as the name suggests, manages all your resources-consuming sites in one click.

Benefits of windows reseller hosting

After learning about windows reseller hosting, it's a time to dig deep into its benefits to become a successful Windows Reseller web hosting provider in India. Though it's a new concept, it has steadily become popular among startups and small businesses that want to make easy money.

Let's read out the below given few benefits of Reseller Windows Hosting:

1. Less investment required

With the minimum investment, you can easily start your new windows hosting business. All you need to do is rather than buying resources i.e bandwidth, CPU, RAM, Storage in high quantity, start purchasing them small allotments. Once all your resources are sold out, use the money you earned from your resources and purchase the next lot.

2. Doesn't requires technical knowledge

The biggest benefit of running the windows hosting business is that windows technology doesn't require much technical knowledge. Even a layperson can operate a windows system. Therefore, investing in a reseller windows hosting business won't disappoint you.

3. No need to maintain server equipments

Since you will buy the hosting plans from a parent hosting company, you need not worry about server equipment and all. The parent company will take care of all this.

4. Set your own prices

The other benefit of investing in this business is that you can set your own prices on all your hosting plans and packages. Therefore the whole profit will be yours only.

5. Offer other services with your reseller hosting plans

You can create hosting accounts, terminate, suspend or upgrade them etc and also set the DNS for your customer's accounts.

6. Sale in your own Brand name

With Reseller Windows Hosting plans, you can resale your resources under your own brand name without disclosing the identity of real source.

Who is the best Windows Hosting Reseller in India?

Wisesolution is the top-notch and award-winning Windows Hosting Reseller in India. Along with this, the company also deals in Linux Reseller Hosting, and WHMCS Reseller Hosting. These all plans are provided at the most reasonable or say cheapest price to the resellers.

Wisesolution offers advanced hosting services to its clients to manage their business websites under high security and network connectivity. Its expert team works 24/7 to provide clients with a prompt solution for all their hosting problems. So if you buy any of its hosting plans, you won't face any issue either with its resources or customer support as the company vows to offer the most updated enterprise-grade resources.

So what are you waiting for?

Pick the phone and make a call at +91-6378789956 to buy your cheap Windows reseller hosting plans today only.

Plans and Prices of Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting Packages


After reading the complete article, I hope you understood windows reseller hosting and its benefits. Buying cheap Windows reseller hosting via Wisesolution in small allotments help you establish strong roots of your own brand name in the hosting market. 

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