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Emerging Mobile App Development Trends In 2021

Emerging Mobile App Development Trends In 2021

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. From waking up with the morning alarm to listening to music, using social media applications like Facebook or WhatsApp, checking emails, watching YouTube videos, and so on; everything is connected to mobile applications installed on our smartphone devices.

According to the TouchPoints report, about 2.1 billion people all around the world are using smartphone devices. Unbelievable right? The usage of smartphone applications is only going to increase in 2021 anyways. In this post, we are going to highlight the ongoing Mobile App Development trends that every e application developer should keep eye on in 2021.

Here they are:

1- Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Will Grow More

AI is not something new but it is going to be adopted by many new sectors this year. With the use of cognitive interfaces and advanced analytics in the complex system; AI and machine learning will provide businesses with access to powerful insights that were never there before.

2- On-Demand Applications

On-demand applications act as the mediator between the service provider and customer. The application world is going to be more creative and interesting in 2021 because many providers are going to introduce on-demand applications in the market. Companies like Taxify and Uber have gained great popularity because of their on-demand application services. Tech analysts say that on-demand applications are going to increase in 2021 and beyond.

3- Wearable Applications

People all around the world are increasingly adopting the wearable technology. Thus, wearable applications and devices can soon become an important part of your life. Both the Android and IOS development teams will continue to develop applications for wearable devices like smartwatches. This year promises to bring more wearable devices featuring smart feature applications into the market; right from movement trackers to fitness bands and so on.

4- Adoption Of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The more widespread adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality can be seen in 2021. The AR and VR will not just only help to bring a better quality in gaming applications, but also be used for many other cases.

The application developers are focused on sharing the most stunning mobile experience with users in AR and VR; so the party is just about to begin.

5- Mobile payment services

Over the past two years, a huge increase in the demand and supply of mobile wallet applications and payment gateways can be seen, and this trend is going to continue in 2021. The frictionless mobile wallet application payment method allows the users to make payments through their mobile applications. Many apps are now integrating payment gateways that seamlessly change the shopping experience of the customers.

At present, almost every popular and successful mobile application includes at least three or four payment gateways like mobile wallets, gift cards, debit, and credit cards. More proliferation can be seen in the mobile payment services this year.

6- Bring new possibilities with IoT

The Internet of things is already established and going to grow more in the upcoming 5 years. At present, IoT is available in smart wearable technologies, smart bulbs, thermostats, street lights, etc. Now, the iOS and Android development teams are expecting this technology to be adopted for the application development to share a more friendly and personalized experience with the users across multiple devices.

7- Location-based Wi-Fi services

Beacon technology and mobile location service are going to blur the boundaries between offline and online advertisement, especially in the retail Industry. In the upcoming years, Wi-Fi is going to be used for more than just accessing the internet as most of the public hotspots will double up as the location access point. Application developers are also going to follow the suit by developing applications that enjoy the benefit of location-based Wi-Fi services.

8- Continuous rise in the cloud storage platform

Unsurprisingly, from the average user to tech expert; everyone knows about cloud technology and its benefits. Cloud has significantly changed the lives of many people and business is all around the world.

At present, Cloud Computing is fast, reliable, affordable, easy to deploy, and in the coming years emerging technologies will increasingly be going to adopt cloud technology.

Cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox are just the tip of the Iceberg, more powerful applications are on their way that can be Run directly on the cloud and require minimum space in the smartphone device. Also, the data synchronization will become simpler.

9- High-quality UI and UX designs

Besides the nice look and appearance, the mobile users expect their mobile applications to be more intuitive and expect to see more relevant content depending upon their likes and dislikes. This year, the mobile application developers will focus more on answering the queries like; whether the application is secure enough to use or not.

10- M-commerce will rule the market

The big eCommerce giants like eBay and Amazon will continue to flourish. Also, M-commerce applications are going to become popular in the upcoming years. Features like fingerprint recognition, NFC are going to share a secure user experience with the customers so they can pay for the transactions through their mobile phones.

People now prefer to make a purchase through Apple pay or Google pay instead of using their debit or credit cards; this gives a rise to M-commerce. Also, wearable technologies are pushing and m-Commerce to make the process more intuitive for the users. The wearable market is going to play a major role in the future of M-commerce and the loyalty of customers.

Choose InnovationM For The Mobile Application Development

With the world's leading mobile app development in UK service providers under our belt, we are excited and well prepared for what is coming this year. We believe in staying up to date with the latest advancements in technology and are sure to develop high-quality mobile applications for your platform as per your preference.

So if you like reading about upcoming mobile app development Trends for 2021, contact us on our social media channels and share your thoughts. We are delighted to take the discussion forward and share the best mobile app development solution with you.

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