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Top 10 Things to do in the Maldives with Kids - Dreamz Yatra

Top 10 Things to do in the Maldives with Kids - Dreamz Yatra

Things to do in the Maldives with Kids - The Maldives is the house to almost 1190 islands making it an archipelago with three categories or classification of the same name, inhabited, uninhabited, and resort. Out of all these only 200 are inhabited by local Maldivians and 105 leased by a resort. Others are used for agricultural cultivation that is only for day trips of the tourists. You can pay a visit to this place at any time of the year for it has the best climatic conditions with warmer days and cooler nights. Book tour packages to Maldives with Dreamz Yatra at best price.

Some of the best things to do in the Maldives with kids

#1. Cruising

Cruising is one of the best activities where you can experience amazing adventures, sunset views, beach walks, and also the panoramic view of the natural ecstasy covering the place with utter beauty.

#2. Watersports

Who does not like sports? Water sports are the most enticing elements of an Island. Beaches in the islands of Maldives have eternally beautiful marine lives and if you are excited to explore the underwaters you can surely opt for the amazing watersports that include snorkeling, diving, swimming, and much more. Discover the sight of eagle rays, giant turtles, and dolphins swimming past you.

#3. Snorkeling Safari

Snorkeling safari is an exotic adventure in the Maldives that has a lot of offers and goes on for almost 3 hours where you can swim with the fishes and other incredible marine creatures in the depth of the underwaters.

#4. Cuisines of the Maldives

Food is love and the kinds of seafood that the Maldives has for you is worth eating. Explore the several restaurants and food courts where the food is made out of special ingredients to prepare tongue twirling dishes. A food tour can enlighten the kids.

#5. Beachside dining

One of the most exciting outdoor activities is beachside dining and your kids can enjoy comedy on your villa's deck. With plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts in the Maldives, you can get a cinema organized on the beachside that would be complemented by some delicacies. Enjoy the scenic beauty and cuisine followed by a lavishing dinner.

#6. Whale Submarine

If your kids have water phobia, then take them to the whale submarine where the beauty of the underwaters can be discovered. They can count on the sunken ships or shoals, beautiful multicolored fishes, or anything else- you get everything by the whale submarine. This is extremely exciting and leaves your kids in awe.

#7. Fishing and dolphin watching

Fishing is a lovely activity in the Maldives which is the home to a lot of fishing grounds and lagoons along the shoreline. Catch a large number of fish species by hiring one of the traditional boats also known as Dhonis for fishing. Another activity is dolphin watching where the jolly dolphins' dance and showcase acrobatics that your kids would love and embed in their memories.

#8. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

Kids love to eat and especially when they are taken to the underwater restaurant that is an undersea glass restaurant and resort near the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. You will feel as if you are inside an aquarium that is the first ever discovered.

#9. National Museum

If you are likely to take your kids to a historically significant location that also acts as an educational tour, then count on the National Museum. It was opened on November 11, 1952, that has a lot of artifacts and relics dating back to centuries old.

#10. Bioluminiscent Plankton Beach

Bioluminiscent Plankton Beach is also known as the sea of stars that lies on the Vaadhoo Island. The phytoplanktons bathe the ocean and sparkle in the blue waters making the beach look entirely amazing and full of life. Your kids will love this shimmering place for it is a dream come true and one of the most sought locations.

All these activities make the Maldives one of the most wanted places to visit. This is an entirely family location with your children enjoying every bit of the trip to the Maldives. From adventures to shopping, staying in the resort, and exploring the cuisines in a food tour is all very overwhelming. For more information on things to do in the Maldives with kids contact Dreamz Yatar one of the leading travel agents in Kolkata.

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