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Automate your system, with the best automating tool!

Automate your system, with the best automating tool!

These days cloud services are just to do about anything. Problem is that there is not any good way to get your favorite apps to start to each other, to connect them & automate the tests that are so time-consuming, with Microsoft power automate whether you start from a template or create your multi-step flow cross several apps is simple. Why can’t you check emails and get a text message whenever someone imports your emails. Automating them means that you can use that time to do other things and power automation can help you in this.

What is Microsoft Power Automation?

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based process. It helps the user to create automated processes that save a lot of time & effort. One can use it to automate workflows between the apps & services.

It is an extension of SharePoint that allows easy access to the data stored. it has become one of the most used products that enable the creation of workflows to create good support for everyday problems.

How it is useful?

• It can gather information about your company and can share with the groups.

• Has the automated approval process.

• Saves your documents & attachments to SharePoint or OneDrive.

• Can get an immediate alert to important notifications or emails on your mobile phone directly.

Where can I use Microsoft Power Automate?

Anyone can use Microsoft Power Automate, whether you are a business user or an IT professional, you can create automated processes without a developer’s knowledge.

Not only with SharePoint, in an organization, you can also connect with various other services. Few services are like Facebook, Outlook.com, Twitter, Basecamp, Docusign, Dropbox, Google Drive. Google Sheets, Office 365, OneDrive, Salesforce, Slack, SQL Server, etc. We can connect to these services with the help of various flow connectors. It is very easy to use.

There are some industries that benefited by Power Automation as listed below:

• Banking

• Retail

• Education

• Manufacturing

Benefits of Power Automation

• Good Integration: It allows you to easily integrate with other applications.

• Quick & Easy Automation: The cloud-based tool empowers to quickly and easily built a secure workflow with a no-code experience.

• Easy-share & data access: With the help of connectors data can be easily moved from one application to another. And this helps in sharing data easily & makes it easily accessible.

Pros & Cons of Microsoft Power Automation


• Good integration with other applications.

• It allows all important tasks, reminders, and emails to be automatically redelivered and pinned for importance.

• It has inbuilt templates that make most of the tasks easier such as storing the personal emails to OneDrive and many others.

• Social Media Triggering: One of the major uses of flow in companies is to trigger an email whenever there is not a good review about the brand. As soon as you get a trigger from flow, you can start working on it.


• Approval emails can't be sent from the custom senders.

• The set-up process is a little bit confusing and challenging.


After reading this, one can easily be satisfied that Power Automation or Workflow Automation tools are very important for every organization. A large number of data & plenty of responsibilities are there. Everyone needs something in life that can decrease the workload of everyday tasks in business &we can do it by automating the system.

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