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Factors to Consider Before Property Investment

Factors to Consider Before Property Investment

When it comes to property investment, there are certain factors to take note of before picking that best fruit out of the lot and generate maximum returns.

Property Location

This is the most important factor when it comes to real estate. It doesn’t matter how big the property is or how spacious it is, If it’s not in a special location, It wouldn’t be that rewarding. At Restore Utah, We understand that and hence we are offering properties around the famous salt Lake of Utah, A premium location with river-facing apartments and beautiful scenic locations.

Risks Involved

If you've not done the risk analysis, you can end up trapping yourself in an unprofitable liability. Always check some basic risks involved before investing like:

The Local laws, crime rate, company’s portfolio, work strategy and market reviews about them etc.


There can be many fixed and variable expenses involved with the property, which might not be tangible at first view but hidden in nature or which are assumed to be.

Some of the fixed expenses can be HOA fees, Property tax, General repair and renovations costs of the property etc.

The 1% Thumb-rule

If still, you’re confused about a property to invest in, always remember the 1% Thumb-Rule of investment. According to it, If your ROI per month is not 1% of the total investment made including every other expense involved, then the property is not the perfect deal to go for.

Now you’re aware of the golden rule, Do make some easy and wise decisions before making that final investment.


In real estate, every investment requires one good manure named TIme, yes it takes years, sometimes indefinite time too, for growing your investment to its full potential. Keep patience!

But before that always calculate the possible amount of time your patience can be checked for.

Market’s Mood

You should never neglect this aspect. No matter how much research you’ve done behind your investment, If the real estate market is in crisis, like the 2008 Blunderr, DONT invests your money any soon. Again the rule here is patience, Keep your eyes on the market and hands-on the gearbox and wait for that perfect opportunity to accelerate.

Now, this all looks hectic Right?? So the final tip is Restore Utah.

Yes, Restore Utah, an opportunistic real estate investment company and operator, acts as a mediator between capital partners and attractive targeted opportunities. It is the perfect platform to get you started with the intriguing world of property investment and provides you with potential investment opportunities around Utah and especially around the Great Salt Lake area.

So Now what are you waiting for? Go check out our strategies, opportunities and above all our Portfolio of success and make your dream investment now.

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