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What Steps Should I Take To Become An Event Designer?

What Steps Should I Take To Become An Event Designer?

Who Is An Event Designer?

Event design is an art. The people who design events are called event designers. The event designer focused on the decorations and style of an event. When you are planning for an occasion like a wedding, reception, birthday party, etc it's important to decorate a venue or a place for this. So then you call an event designer. They give a style and gorgeous look to the venue and create a different vision by which the atmosphere and mood of people change.

An event designer looks after all the activities of an event. They take a lot of responsibility regarding the event.

What Did An Event Designer Do?

All event designer have to do some activities:

They meet with customers and try to understand the purpose of the occasion.

They decide the time, place and make a plan for the decorations.

They contact service providers like photographers or flower dealers.

They also take care of foodservice.

They review payment bills and approve the payment.

Event designing is an interesting job. You need event graphic designer for this purpose. But do you love to be an event designer? Then there are some rules by which you can be a good event designer.


An event designer does a lot of work for an event. So if you want to be a designer you have to know the inside and outside work. This is how you become experienced. At first, you can volunteer as a cameraman, flower supplier, or food service team to establish an event. And it is important to experience being a good event designer but at first, you have to know about the work they do.

If you want to take a lead-designer role in an event you have to decide your niche market. And it is also important to look after your experience. For this progression, you have to decide about the event service which you will offer, with whom you want to work, and the budget for your work type questions previously.

If you have some experience in event management you can look for a paid job. When you are working to manage those things you can get a lot of experience. Slowly you came to know how to design an event or how to maintain every work.

Having strong industry knowledge:

Knowledge is a key to success. So if you want to be an event designer, industry knowledge is important. After gaining the knowledge you can easily handle your business and hire employees. Besides being experienced you have to be theoretically stable. That will help you to design an event easily and understand everything easily. You can do a bachelor's degree. You work and study together. This process will help you gain more experience. When you study a matter you can know it theoretically and when you are doing a job you can know this works practically. It'll be very beneficial for your career.


If you want to be a famous and big event designer then a certificate can become a stair of your success. If you want to study and get a certificate for any purpose of event designing you can do the course and get certified. Certificate and experience are best combined to become an event designer.

Shortlist the Type of Events of Your Interest:

You need to decide what kind of event designer you want to be. So first think of it. And once you get your answer, get experience about the event. It'll help you to know about the criteria of general people and you can reach your goal.

Develop the Right Skill Set:

As an event designer, you must know some basic skills like managing, multitasking, communication, design, etc. You have to develop a basic and right skill from your experience. You have to figure out your problems and find the answers. Then you can know your niche. And when you specialize in a particular type you have to gain more and more skill about this topic.

Spread awareness of your business:

Nowadays networking is a key to every business. You can advertise on social media about your work or go to networking events and give everyone business cards by which they can come to know you are an event designer.

Creating a portfolio:

Creating a portfolio means creating an album of your work. You can make a portfolio of your work's image, and method of your work, booklet, or videos. This is how you can share your experience with a client. A client can come to know about your work easily and can see all of your work.

Create your business plan:

You have to create a plan for how you will figure out everything. And take experiences from your previous work and develop your past work and especially look after the past mistakes. You have to register your business name to the government for the license.

Creating budget:

Budget is one of the important matters for a business. Event designing is a vast thing and it consumes a lot of money. So you have to create a budget ratio for being a good event designer.

Create a social media account:

Nowadays social media is spreading worldwide. So if you want to grow your business, create a social media account and make posts, and share. It will help you to get clients. Promoting your account increases the visibility of your account and more and more audiences can see your post. This is how you can get more contracts and get a lot of experiences and become a good event designer.

Develop your networks:

If you want to be a good event designer you have to look after your network of vendors and suppliers. For event vendors and suppliers take an important part because for a bad supplier your event can be spoiled out. Besides vendors and suppliers, you also take care of photographers, caterers, flower dealers. Because for a good event everything is very much important.


For a growing country, the number of events designing work increases day by day. And it is also an interesting job. An event designer is someone who has to take care of everything about an event. An event designer must be more patient with everything and have to be a responsible person. So if you like to be an event designer this article can help you. You can go through this process and become an event designer. If you need an Event Graphic Designer search for event graphics design pages.

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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