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Discover UK’s Best Eco-Friendly Destinations

Discover UK’s Best Eco-Friendly Destinations

It’s no surprise responsible tourism and travel is picking up pace in the international and local communities. Today, as we increasingly become aware of the impact on the environment and the immediate need to reduce that footprint.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t travel anymore or skip the fun. When there are so many diverse eco-friendly options across the UK, you can surely enjoy a memorable holiday without hurting the planet.

So, to make it easy for you we’ve dug into find some of the best eco-friendly cities and Holiday Park Scotland, countryside destinations in the UK. From recycling rates to vegan food restaurants, these places will not disappoint you in any way.


Scotland’s capital city is one of the most environment-friendly options when it comes to sustainability. It is also ranked tenth globally in terms of eco-friendly lifestyle with biking opportunities, parks, and plenty of vegan restaurants to pick from.

Above all, Edinburgh is a great place for walkers who want to explore historical strolls around town. With investments in many cycle lane and electric tram projects, you’ll have loads of options for green travel within the city and not feel guilty of polluting the environment.


As we speak of responsible tourism, Glasgow is another region that has taken a sustainable approach to tourism. They’ve done this by adopting greener working practices and eco-development programs.

Moreover, they’ve managed to fall under the zero waste Scotland scheme and ensuring they use products and resources responsibly. In fact, in August 2016, Glasgow became the first city in the UK to be included in a few sustainability rankings.


Brighton is another city that claimed to be at the top spot when it comes to “going green”. With its drive towards sustainability, Brighton has a long and proud history of being eco-friendly. In fact, you will find some of the best vegan food restaurants and bike services.

Moreover, the place holds a top-ranking for both vegetarian and vegan restaurants with a thriving plant-based community. Additionally, the prevalence of green culture has also made its mark in the shopping scene that supports zero waste and zero packaging goods. Therefore, with this eco-friendly initiative, Brighton is one of our favorite places to be at.


There are heaps and heaps of places in Wales if you’re looking for a sustainable holiday. In Wales, you will find a number of holiday cottages that are super-sustainable and completely off the grid.

Moreover, Wales ensures they educate their young ones with eco-friendly ideas like renewable energy and organic farming. In fact, Wales since the 1960s has aimed to use environmental design and green technology to live lightly in which people are part of a wider eco-system forest tourism uk.

North England

Bursting with opportunities for sustainable travel North England is a gentler way to explore our planet. It’s great that so many forests tourism places UK are doing their bit for green tourism and England is not behind.

Whether it’s about using renewable, encouraging bikes and public transport, England is packed with options. You can also visit amazing eco-retreat ranges like hotels, campsites, and much more. In fact, you’ll find a range of cottages and hostels that are completely off-grid, enable homegrown food, and supremely comfortable.

New Castle

Whether you’re on a business trip or for fun, travel can be a force for good to escape everyday hassle. It’s even better if you go eco-friendly with the idea of travel and reduce your carbon footprint.

However, New Castle is a great place for travelers seeking sustainable accommodations. These accommodations are awarded for their green practices and sustainable sources. These also include keep energy consumption levels absolute minimum and promoting a lifestyle that supports the environment.


This English capital is one of our favorites when it comes to eco-friendly living. In fact, there are plenty of great choices and environmentally-friendly traveling around London. You will also find sustainable eco-hotels for accommodation that are working towards a green future.

Moreover, London is mostly known for its remarkable transport system that supports walking and cycling. This not only helps improve the city air but also ensures people stay healthy throughout.


You’ll be pleased to hear that Dorset is another great destination to consider when thinking about the environment. At Dorset, you’ll find a range of eco-friendly accommodation options, sustainable transport options, and electric car infrastructure.

Additionally, you’ll find many great options to shop from the local market and organic produce and ingredients fresh from the gardens. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan or may venture into one, you’ll also find a great number of restaurants to offer you that.


With sweeping rivers and bay views at Kent, you will find plenty of eco-friendly lodging and sustainable cuisines to enjoy your holiday. While you enjoy everything that this spectacular region has to offer, you can help protect and conserve this beautiful place.

Some of the ways you can do it by getting to your destinations by using public transport and visit places featuring sustainable options. From food outlets to local farm shops, you’ll everything a green holiday should be. Overall, Kent is a great place to be for responsible travelers that support eco-tourism.


Somerset is a place full of surprises that are waiting to be discovered and preserved. As a responsible traveler, you will look for options that leave minimal impact on the environment.

If you’re traveling to Somerset you will find it as an ideal destination for eco-friendly living. You will find great holiday transport options and ferry options to reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, you will see the local community engaged in many environment-friendly activities to preserve this wonderful place.

However, when it comes to food you’ll find Somerset to be splendid woodland with farmland and gardens. This means you can easily find fresh produce and restaurants that believe in sustainable business.

Somerset has also managed to reduce its plastic waste but promoting recycling throughout the region. All in all, this makes this place a great choice for holidaymakers that seek sustainable travel across the UK.

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