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All You Need To Know About Lidding Material for PP Pet Tray

All You Need To Know About Lidding Material for PP Pet Tray

For more than ten years ayushflexipack has been helping customers across the globe to recognize and make the most valuable lidding solutions to meet individual packaging requirements.

Used in a wide variety of retail, supermarket and bulk packed tray products, lidding material technology has developed a great deal in recent years, with ayushflexipack continually seeking new and innovative ways to assure the most challenging of lidding necessities.

Lidding Material for PP

Our Current range of Lidding Material For PP Pet Tray offer a number of distinct advantages, including:

• Cost savings – up to 20% saving in tray costs, with removal of rigid lid

• Easy first opening

• Superior reclosing / resealing functionality

• High shrinkage effect

• Anti-fog

• High moisture barrier

• Product waste reduction

Designed with the essential strength, peel ability, puncture resistance and barrier properties required to maintain peak product freshness; our high quality 8-colour printed films provide great shelf presence and comprehensive shelf life for a assortment of ‘easy peel’ or ‘weld seal’ applications.

We have years of experience matching the right Lidding Material type with a particular tray material and offer lidding film solutions for a wide range of tray types, including PP, PET, PVC, PS & foil. We can as well match your lidding necessities with thermoform, semi-rigid bottom web films.

Complementing recognized monolayer and laminate solutions for lidding us now offer lidding film for re-closing mono-material trays. European sourced, this film offer best mach inability and better reclosing, which is appropriate for packaging cheese, meat, ready meals, snacks & confectionary.

Therefore whether you’re after anti-fog lidding films for fresh meat or an efficient lidding solution for heat sensitive products, ayushflexipack has the answer.

Packaging is an enormous industry. Almost the whole thing is packaged. Packaging is used to defend, protect, present, portion, bundle and transport any product for safe influx at its final destination. The appearance of your product will assist to sell it. Packaging sells!

The principals of ayushflexipack founded the company with their focus being a few niche markets and to become specialist in these markets.

ayushflexipack is known for the high quality of products offered and more importantly the service extended to its customers. Our aim is to be the one stop solution supplier for your packaging project by offering numerous solutions to choose from that best help to accomplish your goals.

• Packaging of arranged foods using our complete system of trays, film and tray sealers.

• Packaging to save foods and different items through vacuum packaging.

• Packaging to bundle and protect and deliver tamper apparent through shrink-wrapping.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to working intimately with you to deliver tailor made packaging solutions that get better both your business performance and productivity.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help with your Induction Sealing Wad, Lidding Material for PP Pet Tray needs, please contact us today @ 9312207417 / 8744098089.

Ayushflexipack is always ready to assist you!

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