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Common Misconceptions About The Carpet You Should Know

Common Misconceptions About The Carpet You Should Know

Many people think that carpet cleaning is a simple task that anyone can perform. There are several misconceptions about carpet cleaning, and to clean your carpet correctly, you need to know these misconceptions and how they can affect your carpet's durability.

However, the best way to have your carpet cleaned is to hire an expert carpet cleaner to perform the cleaning to ensure the carpet remains in good shape for a long time.

Some common misconceptions about cleaning carpets include:

  • Vacuuming is sufficient to clean a carpet

    This is arguably the most common misconception. Although vacuuming removes hair, dust and other dirt from the carpet, it does not extract odour and stains. If you contact an expert carpet cleaner, they will use advanced carpet cleaning methods to remove stains from your carpet.

    If you decide to clean your carpet by vacuuming it weekly, ensure you get a professional to steam-clean the carpet at least once or twice every year.

  • All methods for cleaning carpets are effective

    There are several carpet cleaning methods, and they all differ from one another. For example, the dry foam carpet cleaning methods involves shampooing the carpet, then extracting the shampoo after the carpet dries. Although this cleaning method removes dirt, dust and debris from the carpet, it is not the best cleaning method. Some cleaning companies still use this cleaning method.

    Another carpet cleaning method is the dry-foam method. This method uses equipment that absorbs dirt from the carpet, but it is not an effective carpet cleaning method.

    Dry-compound carpet cleaning, another common but ineffective cleaning option, involves spraying the carpet a mixture, which it absorbs, followed by rubbing the carpet with a brush and vacuuming it.

    The most effective carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can remove even deep-seated stains on a carpet; it also removes accumulated dirt, bacteria, and debris in a carpet.

  • All carpet cleaning companies are equal

    All carpet cleaning companies are not the same, and would not give you the same result. A carpet cleaning company that uses the dry-cleaning method to clean carpets may not give you a result as good as a company that uses steam cleaning.

    If you have contracted a company that uses dry-cleaning and another that uses steam cleaning, you would see a clear difference in the result. Before you contact a carpet cleaning company, ensure you research the company to know their cleaning method.

  • The longer to put off carpet cleaning, the better

    When you wait longer to clean your carpet, the carpet ages faster, and you would have to replace it sooner than you expect. Maintaining your carpet, which involves regular professional cleaning, will make your carpet last longer, and you don't have to spend a lot to get a new carpet if your current carpet remains new.

    Remember that investing in professional carpet cleaning saves you a lot of money in the long-run, so think of it as an investment in the beauty of your home.

  • Carpets need cleaning only when dirty

    Your carpet may not have noticeable stains, but that shouldn't prevent you from cleaning the carpets. Most times, when the dirt and stains on a carpet begin to show, it may be too late for a carpet cleaning.

    You only see what is on the surface of your carpet, but most times, the damage results from the dirt accumulated between the carpet fibres. Bacteria and other microorganisms get trapped between the carpet's fibres, which can cause certain respiratory and general illnesses.

    If you want your carpet to be free from these microorganisms and dirt, ensure you hire an expert carpet cleaner to handle your carpet cleaning.

  • You can clean your carpet with a steam cleaner

    Using the right cleaning equipment will help you clean your carpet better, but the cleaning equipment is not the only thing that matters to achieve a clean carpet. Carpet cleaners combine their skills and high-quality carpet cleaning equipment to make your carpet as clean as possible.

    Professional carpet cleaners have received the right training to clean carpet, and they have years of experience. Professional carpet cleaners know many things about carpet cleaning that you may not know, like the right steam cleaner and shampoo to use for each carpet type.

  • The cheapest cleaning company is better

    Most people consider carpet cleaning companies with the least charges as the best, but you may end up with an unclean carpet if you opt for a cheap carpet cleaning company. The carpet cleaners may even damage your carpet because they do not have experience in carpet cleaning.

    If you consider the benefits in the long-run, it will be better to opt for a carpet cleaning company that provides quality services regardless of how much they charge.

  • Opt for the most expensive company

    A carpet cleaning company that charges the most may not necessarily be the best option. Most cleaning companies use the same equipment, and some only charge high process to stand out from other cleaning companies.

    You may want to ask for recommendations from your friends and family members to get a company that offers quality services.

  • Carpet cleaners do not provide references

    A carpet cleaning company that has done good jobs should provide you with references, except they are a new company or have something to hide. Getting a company with references matters, and don't let any company tell you otherwise.

  • All carpet cleaning companies should give precise quotes

    It is important to know how much your carpet cleaning will cost before you make any commitment, but be cautious about cleaning companies that give you a precise quote over the phone.

Your carpet cleaning cost depends on several factors like how dirty your carpet is, the type of carpet, and whether the cleaning requires them to move your furniture. The carpet cleaner needs to assess your home to determine the exact cost of your carpet cleaning.

For the best carpet cleaning in London, contact Carpet Cleaner London today on 020 7183 4119 to have an expert cleaner assess your carpet and give you an accurate estimate for your carpet cleaning.

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