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Can You Have a Completely Anonymous Web Hosting Solution?

Can You Have a Completely Anonymous Web Hosting Solution?

Not every website owner wants to let the public know their true identity and that’s why they are looking for anonymous hosting solutions that can help them conceal it. In this article, we are going to discuss if it is truly possible to keep your hosting completely anonymous. If so, how is that possible?

Let’s discuss anonymous web hosting and what it actually is.

There are a lot of reasons why anyone would want to host a website fully anonymously. And, fortunately for you, you'll have plenty of opportunities.

How Do People Find Out the Identity of a Site Owner?

  • Many ways exist through which users can easily find the identity of a site owner. Some of these are:
  • Email addresses & Name records
  • WHOIS Records
  • Payment methods of Domain/Hosting
  • Hosting company data
  • IP addresses
  • Third party plugins (many are available for completely free)

Social engineering and reverse tracking are two other ways to track the identity of a site owner. For example, if someone posts the information of something particular on their website and the next day they post the same image on their social media, people can easily trace back the image using reverse image search.

Similarly you may share the website somewhere using your own credentials. Even then people would easily find out the identity of the true owner. So in all cases, you need to be vigilant so that such things don’t happen.

Web Hosts Protect User Privacy

Web hosting solutions regard the privacy of their customers, and they are not interested in disclosing the names and addresses of others who have registered to use their site. That'd be like a tech firm posting a client list with names and addresses of customers who purchased a phone from them this year on their website. People would be pissed off if that happens. So, you need to make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen.

Data Privacy Laws

Moreover, now there are strict data privacy laws that bar any web hosting solution from selling the list of customers it has available. Even WHOIS security is now available for completely free for anyone who is hosting a website on the internet.

But the problem is that hackers can easily get the list of these companies out from WHOIS using different methods. These lists are then sold to third parties who use them for marketing and sales. So, how can anonymous users stay safe online?

Anonymous Hosting Solutions

You would be surprised to see, but there are anonymous hosting solutions available such as the crypto-based anonymous hosting solution PRV.to. The company offers virtual private servers that the users can use to stay completely anonymous when hosting their websites. These anonymous solutions also make sure that the websites are untraceable online.

Fake ID for Domain Registration

Another way to stay completely anonymous online is by using FAKE IDs for registering domain names. There are a few completely FAKE ID services available on the market such as the Njalla anonymous domain registration service.

So, if your only concern is whether or not your sparkling water review blog could be discovered, you actually don't have anything to think about in terms of hosting. However, you should consider DNS listings...

DNS Listings

Domain names must be licensed, and information about the domain name is normally available on the registry. Using a WHOIS lookup, you will find out who owns the domain name. If you need more anonymity, several domain registrars would allow you to create a private listing.

This will allow you to register a domain but will not send your personal details along with it. You should be able to get anonymous web hosting by using a private hosting and private DNS solution.

Anonymous Hosting Platforms with VPN

With the assistance of a VPN provider, you can even register your hosting.

You'll certainly need a certain kind of hosting service and a domain to create something spectacular. It's unlikely that your VPN will be hacked if you're not doing something wrong.

Set up a VPN link and send emails from an anonymous account. You'll still need to register a company and you'll almost certainly have to pay for proper hosting and host providers may need to gather payment details.

It's possible that this company is registered under your name, but there are ways to prevent it. If you have a company, you can log the payment details with the company, and you'll have a pretty undetectable web hosting solution.

Stay Completely Anonymous On the Web

Paying for WHOIS security and a legal web hosting solution of its own would never provide you with full anonymity. As a result, it's important to choose a legal and anonymous hosting option like crypto-based anonymous VPS hosting.

Pay for privacy to keep your data off your site to remain legitimately private, but be wary of other types of hosting solutions that go to great lengths to protect your identity.

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