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Best places to retire in Maine

Best places to retire in Maine

Maine has been voted on several occasions as the safest state in the whole U.S. It has roughly 3,500 miles of coastline, which is more than California has. The price of living here is incredibly low compared to all the opportunities this state is offering. So if you are still on a budget trying to save some money for that brand new car you've always wanted to buy without lowering your standard of living, this is the right place for you. 

Our choice of best Maine towns for retirees

In case you will be moving soon, explore some tips on how to hire the right movers first. In the meantime, while still deciding upon the place for your future relocation, you might want to check our list of the top 8 best places to retire in Maine.

1. Portland

The biggest city in the state of Maine, Portland was originally called Machigonne (which means “Great Neck”) by the Native Americans. It is Maine`s economic capital due to its proximity to Boston and also because of having the largest port in the area. It is also the hometown of Stephen King, one of the best authors of horror and supernatural fiction in the world. Portland is a tourist area so you would probably feel like being on a permanent vacation by choosing to relocate here.

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2. Kittery

Only 50 miles away from Portland, there is a small and cozy town named Kittery. In its early history, it was settled and established as a fishery. The beautiful scenery here is for sure going to win your heart soon after visiting. So, in case Kittery is going to be your choice for moving, you can always find assistance in the area with ease. The recipe for a successful moving day, without any hint of anxiety, is to check their website.

3. Augusta

Augusta is definitely one of the best places to retire in Maine. It`s the state`s capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Pine Tree State. In case you are a sports fan, you might be glad to find out that Augusta is hosting the Masters' golf tournament at the beginning of the year, in spring. Fun fact about the city of Augusta: it is said that George Washington's dog is buried here. Usually, all main governmental buildings are located in the capital. So choosing Augusta for you to relocate would definitely be a plus on all levels.

4. Brunswick

A town full of history and cultural opportunities, Brunswick is the architectural gem of ME. It is the perfect place to put grounds for a family. Budgeting when you have a little one on the way can be very difficult. Living on a fixed income means you will appreciate a few money management tips you might find useful if you need to spare some extra money for yourgrandkids' room color and decorations.

5. Bangor

Bangor is the third-largest city by population and definitely one of the best places to retire in Maine. In the past, it used to be considered the lumber capital of the world, due to its vast forests. It`s commonly called the Maine's Queen City of the East, given the fact that according to a study drafted by the FBI, Bangor is ranked among the US safest cities.

The State Capitol building in Augusta is also called the “Maine State House”.

6. Saco

Saco has plenty of history and arts to keep you busy and permanently engaged in different sociocultural activities. There is always something to do here which means that the last thing you`ll ever be in Saco is boring. According to Preferred Movers, well-trained professionals can handle any type of moving job, always with a smile on their faces. it's vital to find movers with a positive and professional attitude. It is definitely a game-changer since you're pretty stressed yourself already with your actual moving and you definitely need the extra boost of calmness from an expert third party.

7. Hampden

Hampden is part of the Bangor metropolitan statistical area and one of the best places to retire in Maine. This would also make a great home for future families, as the public schools here are highly rated. There are also many parks and green spots to go play with your animal companions or, why not, out for a picnic on the weekend with your loved ones after some highly intense days at work.

8. Rockland

Located in the heart of Midcoast Maine, Rockland is a very popular tourist destination. It`s one of the biggest shipping centers of lobster in the world. Lobster is actually the most popular food around here. You can find it in a multitude of forms: broiled, boiled, steaming, or even raw, according to some of the paleo recipes. Rockland is also popular for its numerous inlets and harbors. This makes it a great option for boating, sailing, and hiking. The splendid natural coastal beauty and the spectacular rocky shoreline make this small but cozy city one of the best places to retire in Maine.

Before setting out to enjoy Maine

Maine is the U.S. state in which the whole plot from Stephen King's “The Long Walk” is taking place. But even though it was subject to all the horror happenings in the book of this renowned author, Maine has actually been voted as being the safest state in the US for the past decade.

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So if you are 100% decided to move here, it's really a win on your side. Once you have the right movers, you should leave all the anxiety behind. But if you find that hard to do, take time to effectively deal with stress and perhaps even meditate. 

The Pine Tree State has the most forest cover of any U.S. state, which makes it an ideal place for environmentalists. So be it as it may, nature lover or not, at least one of the above-mentioned best places to retire in Maine that we indicated are for sure a perfect fit for your taste.



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