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4 Remarkable Health and Beauty Benefits of a Body Scrub

4 Remarkable Health and Beauty Benefits of a Body Scrub

Have you observed how our overall wellness and confidence are closely linked to how we look? Healthy, supple, radiant skin is an integral element in looking good, and we need to keep our skin exfoliated and refreshed for that. Exfoliation ensures skin health and vitality, by removing unnecessary debris and dirt from the skin.

Exfoliation of skin is the process of removing dead skin cells by scrubbing with a physical exfoliator or by using chemical scrubs. Regular use of an exfoliating body scrub keeps skin looking fit and fabulous.

Read on to know why exfoliation is essential and which body washes do this effectively.

Why is Body Scrub Required?

Our skin has three layers, the top most layer being the epidermis that sheds skin cells every month to make way for new ones. With time and age, however, our skin’s natural turnover rate decreases and dead skin cells begin to accumulate on our skin. These dead skin cells create a rough, uneven look on the skin, and diminish its natural softness and radiance.

Certain body parts, like ankles, elbows, knees that are exposed more to the elements, get a rough texture. That is when you need an exfoliating body scrub to rid your skin of the roughness.

Regular exfoliation is believed to be beneficial for overall skin health, as it helps you regain your skin elasticity and radiance. While we use face scrubs to make our facial skin radiant, most of us tend to ignore exfoliating body skin. This is where a body wash that works as a scrub helps.

Body scrubs can exfoliate your skin to give you better skin tone and texture. An exfoliating body scrub offers the following benefits:

  • Removes dead surface skin cells
  • Prevents clogged pores
  • Improves skin tone
  • Keeps your skin looking fresh and energized

However, you need to use an exfoliator with caution. Harsh exfoliators or rough body scrubs can dry up your skin or cause irritation. In case your skin is sensitive and prone to reactions, you need to use a gentle body scrub made with naturally sourced ingredients. The best option would be to go for Kiehl’s body washes that are dermatologist tested, and suit the most sensitive skin too.

Exfoliating Body Scrubs – Which one to Use?

As we have seen, without regular exfoliation, dead skin cells tend to accumulate on the dermis, clogging pores and causing skin to roughen.

There are scores of body washes and scrubs available in the market. How do you choose one that is good for your skin and doesn’t end up drying it unnecessarily?

If you are looking for an exfoliating body scrub that is gentle, yet effective, try a body scrub that has Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Apricot Seed exfoliation particles. Apricot Seed particles help remove dead surface skin cells without over-drying skin, while Aloe and Chamomile hydrate, soothe and comfort it effectively. With this combination, this scrub smoothens and softens your skin unbelievably. It is available in Coriander, Grapefruit and Lavender scented variants.

An iconic skincare product from Kiehl’s body washes is Crème De Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish. Infused with ground Luffa fruit, a natural exfoliant, along with Jojoba Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Honey, this excellent body scrub exfoliates without drying or irritating your skin. Sweet Almond Oil is obtained by cleaning and crushing almonds into a powder, then cold pressing and filtering into oil. This refined, natural ingredient is gentle and known to soften skin. Massage the body scrub on to moist skin and work into a lather. Discover soft, supple and moisturized skin with regular use of this exfoliating body scrub.

While you exfoliate your body skin, do not forget to scrub your facial skin too. Sun spots, skin discolouration, and clogged pores cause uneven skin tone and dull appearance on the face. Improve the quality and appearance of your facial skin with Calendula oil.

Use Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash that refreshes your face skin and gives it a smooth finish. With a combination of moisturizing Glycerin, and the antifungal, antibacterial and soothing properties of Calendula, the creamy gel forms a foamy texture when blended with water. It helps cleanse away impurities gently, and improves hydration to give you healthy glowing skin.

And by no means, is exfoliation a skincare ritual reserved for the ladies only. Men too need exfoliating skincare for their tough body skin. Try Kiehl’s bar soap with Oat Kernel meal and Oat Bran that thoroughly cleanses your body skin and helps alleviate roughness. It has Pumice to slough off dead and rough skin, and give you naturally refreshed skin. This soap helps alleviate roughness on tough areas like elbows and heels that tend to accumulate dead, hard skin. Rediscover smooth skin with this scrub.

With Kiehl’s skincare, you can never go wrong. Dermatologist tested for gentleness, and proven effective, Kiehl’s body washes exfoliate your skin gently to give you a refreshed look.

Get dazzling with Kiehl’s!

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