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Bathroom Makeover? Top 10 Ideas for Remodeling Bathroom

Bathroom Makeover? Top 10 Ideas for Remodeling Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most used space in a house and they have to be perfect and flawless with a charming appearance. If your bathroom is dull and blunt then it is high time for a bathroom makeover and modifies your bathroom into a modern and attractive one. Interior fit-out companies in Dubai suggest a bathroom makeover to everyone having a boring and dull bathroom in their houses.

Here, we supply you top 10 ideas for modern bathroom remodeling.

Top 10 ideas for modern bathrooms

1. A bathtub

Bathtubs are now an essential part of modern bathrooms and if you don’t have one yet then what are you waiting for? Considering the size and material of the bathtub, get a tub for your modern bathroom. Place it in the comfiest area of your bathroom so that you can take bath while relaxing in the tub.

2. A shower area

Build a separate shower space in your bathroom to give a modern and stylish look. Make a solid wall to separate the space from the rest of the bathroom or make a transparent glass wall for the shower area. Shower areas usually don’t have a door but if you want one then go for a glass door. Add a modern shower like a large, square shower installed in the ceiling of your bathroom for a modern outlook.

3. Add botanicals

Plants can never go wrong regardless of the place, add plants in your bathroom for a fresher appearance. Either add small pot plants on the countertop or large potted plants on the corners of the bathroom. Skip this pot plant idea if you are a huge nature lover like us and instead create a small courtyard. A small courtyard with a lot of plants and vines and a single transparent glass door opening into the bathroom. This plant courtyard will effortlessly make the bathroom atmosphere clean and fresh and will also bring you closer to nature.

4. Built-in shelves

Create small spaces in the walls of your bathroom and rather than installing open shelves, assemble built-in shelves in the bathroom walls. These shelves will work more efficiently than open shelves and give an elegant and advanced appearance to the bathroom.   

5. Floating vanity

A floating vanity is the most trendy and futuristic type of vanity. Dump those old-fashioned vanities and cabinets by opting for a modern and floating vanity for your bathroom. Concentrate on the wood quality and don’t get deceived by the attractive looks of the vanity.

6. Use wood

Use natural textures in your bathroom because hiding them is an old tradition. Use wooden textured vanity and shelves in your bathroom to give a natural appearance to your modern bathroom.

7. Large mirrors

When choosing mirrors with the vanity of your bathroom, opt for a large one because large mirrors create an illusion of space. And rather than selecting a traditional square mirror, think out of the box and prefer a large circular mirror for your modern bathroom.

8. LED strips

LED lights will play a huge role in creating a modern and fascinating image of your bathroom. Install colored LED strip lights in your bathroom like neon bold colors, or light pink, green and blue. Set up these LED strips in areas like behind the mirror, under the sink, and shelves, and also mount them on the sides of the ceiling for best results.

9. Add details

When going for an all one color like an all-white for your bathroom, add some details to build interest in the bathroom. Like black faucets, hardware, and borders of the transparent glass wall of the shower area. Black gives an extraordinary charm when used with white but you can also use copper, bronze, or silver as an alternative to black.

10. A mismatched bathroom

Matching bathrooms are now an outdated trend, mix and match colors in your bathroom interiors for an up-to-date bathroom. Use contrasting colors like white with black and pink with green, these pairs of colors will look chic and stylish in the bathroom.


By taking the suggestion of Interior design Dubai Companies remodel your bathroom as soon as possible. Follow these top 10 ideas for the best outcome of your bathroom makeover. We assure you that you won’t regret deciding on your bathroom remodeling if you implement our ideas.

Decide to renovate,

And make it possible today!

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