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Important Things to Know About CCTV Cameras

Important Things to Know About CCTV Cameras

The cameras are indoor or outdoor. To understand if a camera can also be used outdoors, we need to check the plate data and look for the IP parameter followed by a number. The number indicates the degree of protection against water. Above 60 means the camera can be used outdoors. Or in the manuals there may be the logo with the indication of the rain for outdoor ones.

Fix Your Demand According To Your Budget

Through pragmatic analysis, it's found that Bangladesh has attained vast achievement in preventing all kinds of crimes. In controlling offenses CC cameras have excellent contributions so from the context of safety it's a vital tool of modern life. Based upon your budget and need there are various sorts of CC camera accessible. The costs of CC cameras in BD differ from brand to manufacturer in accordance with their resolution and configuration they supply. Each manufacturer will provide you with unique attributes inside your own affordability. It Is Dependent upon your budget and demand that which one you will purchase.

Camera Resolution The Most Important Element

The cameras' resolution is an essential aspect but often overlooked by the inexperienced of video surveillance.

The resolution of a camera is measured in megapixels and in general we can say that the higher the resolution, the better you will see the recorded image.

Today, cameras can have even more than 10 megapixels of resolution. But 1 or 2 Mp of resolution is enough to see an image well. So the choice must be made considering the distance of the camera from the lens you want to film, the budget available and other more technical parameters.

Camera Sensitivity

The more sensitive the camera is, the less light it will take to show a good image. In fact, sensitivity is the parameter that indicates the minimum amount of light needed to record an image. The greater the sensitivity, the greater the illumination of the area to be filmed and the higher the quality of the recording.

We have identified the 6 types of cameras intended for more commercial and civil uses. We are keeping out of this list what can be camouflaged cameras and micro cameras.

Bullet Camera

They are probably the most used cameras in video surveillance at the moment. The name bullet comes from their bullet formula. Nevertheless, these cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors, the lens is chosen at the time of purchase and can never be changed except by replacing the camera.

As you can see in the photo, the bullet cameras have a hat that allows you to ensure its protection from atmospheric causes and the sun to prevent it from being blinded.

The mechanical aspects: The bullet camera is not motorized and whoever sees it can clearly identify which sound is filming. The bullets have a joint on 2 or 3 axes to be positioned at best.

The lens can be fixed or motorized varifocal.

In order to work even in the dark, some models have LED illuminators. The LEDs emit IR (Infrared) light that is invisible to the human eye. The choice of illuminators is dictated by the distance of the lens to be shot.

IP Camera

Fundamentally, by IP Camera we know Internet Protocol Camera that performs data transmission on the net. For your running system IP Camera requires a Local Area Network. Just through net connection IP Camera could be retrieved. Each of the elite IP Cameras you'll find here in your budget and need.

Dome Camera

They are those that have the characteristic dome shape. They are used indoors or outdoors but in sheltered places because they are more exposed to the deposit of dust and dirt.

Dome cameras are installed on the ceiling. The area captured by the camera is not visible from a distance.

For almost all dome camera models, the possibility of having the motorization allows you to move the camera 180 or 360 degrees.

The movements of these cameras can be automated. They can be remotely controlled or, in the more advanced models, sequences can be set to follow the movements.

These are indicated when you want to register a driveway because they are able to identify a presence at the beginning of the avenue and follow people by moving and zooming the lens.

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera is really a complicated CC Camera featuring some elite attributes: Panning, Tilting and Zooming. These attributes allow the camera move left and right ( panning)down and up (leaning ) and incredibly allow the lens to be flashed upto anticipated space farer or closer.

IP Camera With PoE

IP Camera using PoE is just another innovative safety and surveillance program. This elite CCTV Camera transmits data with Power Over Ethernet; this is the reason why it's named IP Camera using PoE. These high-end high quality figurines have become popular amongst contemporary people for some distinctive qualities. PoE allows you to give electricity to a media device employing the exact same cable which transmits the information, which consequently, vividly reduces the cost of maintenance and installation.

Fisheye Panoramic IP Camera

The specialization of Fisheye Panoramic IP Camera is the fact that it can capture pictures from all possible directions. In outside surveillance and security program FIsheye Panoramic Camera functions the best supplying a panoramic view of the targeted region minimizing your price. Regarding decent prices these CC cameras are much better than other surveillance programs.

Why CCTV cameras are essential?

To protect the properties of the people CCTV cameras are highly essential. Through recording video footages of any action these cameras help law-enforcing agency to deter the real criminanl and vandals


When it's the question of your security and surveillance you need to rely on CCTV Camera. We're here in order to smooth your route to buy CCTV Camera inside your worth. In any case, we provide all of the to-notch Dahua CC Cameras according to your cheap capacity. Dahua CC Camera is presently the ideal surveillance people rely upon.

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